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"Living in Love"

A visionary, conceptualist, artist, educated, free spirit, open minded, dedicated, trustworthy, humble, adventurous, reliable, dependable, gifted, creative... 

Most importantly  I Live in Love

Jaime Trask 

902 579 3354

email :


- Graduate in Professional Photography

Dawson College Montreal Que

- Graduate in Creative Arts

Dawson College Montreal Que

- Graduate in Publishing Tech & Technology​

Langara College Vancouver BC

My Clients Feedback

Very professional.

Every shoot I worked on with you was successful.

Gwen -  Model

Thank you Jaime for your great work ...You really made me feel so comfortable and at ease.

Anni - Multi Media Artist

Keep up the awesome work you do Jaime. Looking forward to working on future projects.

Mike Wood

Chance Media (owner)

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